Control Techniques

Control Techniques strives for continual improvement in motor control technology by integrating over 30 years of field-proven experience with the very latest technologies and engineering tools to deliver cost effective solutions that increase productivity and reduce energyconsumption.

The advantages of control techniques include:

Any motor: Control Techniques general-purpose, high-performance and motion control drives deliver exceptional control of virtually any type of motor and feedback device.

Any network: Control Techniques drives use Ethernet, Modbus, EtherCAT, DeviceNET, EtherNet/IP, Profibus and many other popular industrial fieldbuses to interface with virtually any fieldbus network.

Any architecture: Control Techniques’ innovative modular mechanical designs allow control systems to easily grow and expand as application requirements change over time. Whether installed in distributed, centralized, or hybrid control architectures, their drive-based co-processors distribute the control workload and provide multiple redundant masters to maximize uptime, eliminate the cost of small PLCs and reduce wiring and installation time.

Any programmer: From simple commissioning to advance motion control programming, Control Techniques’ suite of FREE user-friendly, time-saving software tools guide the user through the configuration process and allow the drive to be easily customized at the point of installation.

Control Techniques, an Emerson Industrial Automation company, is a world leader in design and manufacture of highly reliable drive and motion control products. Since launching the world’s first digital DC drive over 30 years ago, Control Techniques has consistently raised the bar for programmable motor control. It also introduced the first fully integrated, easy-to-program servo drive, the first universal AC and Servo drive (Unidrive), and was among the first to offer AC flux vector drive.

Today, Control Techniques offer a comprehensive line of AC, DC and Servo drives that deliver reliable energy-efficient operation, superior motor performance, unmatched system integration flexibility and scalable on-board processing power.

Control Techniques offers a full line of drives ranging from fractional to 2900hp and 120 to 960 Volts. These versatile drives provide scalable communications protocol and PLC intelligence using SM option module technology, an innovative modular approach to system design and integration. These drives deliver exceptional control and the ability to interface with virtually any fieldbus network creating high-speed drive-to-drive networks optimized for peak performance and low cost.