OSAI, a company specialized in numerical control since 1957, started within the machine tool division of Olivetti and gradually expanded its activity into the international market. Over time, the group created closer links with Allen Bradley/Rockwell, the American leader in industrial automation, until it became a part of the Rockwell Group and changed its name and logo into Rockwell. In 1997 OSAI split from Rockwell and returned to being an independent company, specialized in numerical control and automation systems.

OSAI Continued to build on the previous success, with steady growth over the next ten years. In 2007 OSAI was acquired by the major Italian electronics manufacturer PRIMA ELECTRO S.p.A. and has now become one of the major worldwide CNC and automation system providers.

OSAI’s success comes from a combination of high-tech products and a sales and support organization which is capable of managing the most demanding applications. This capability results partly from its long history in the market, but also from the traditional attitude of its organization, trained not only to react quickly to customer needs, but to anticipate market requirements.

As a reseller for OSAI products, we are able to obtain the latest OSAI products for your machinery. Furthermore, since we are also integrators, we can install the equipment in your machine. Whether you need a replacement, add a feature, or make a retrofit we can help you.

In metal, woodworking, plastics, glass and stone machining, OSAI drives the most advanced motion control evolutions in terms of technology, costs optimization and product customization.

With over 60,000 CNC applications installed worldwide to date, OSAI has taken the modularity and precision of CNC systems to new standards in partnership with numerous machine tool builders, while encased with a single vision synergy to constantly enhance and evolve the products and techniques currently available.

The sophisticated axis dynamics control, various powerful user interfaces and the possibility to work with the most common fieldbuses in the machine automation market make OSAI a reliable and trustworthy partner for the most important manufacturers in the market.