Osai CNC Retrofit

Technology advances at an extremely fast pace. As a result, components and controllers need to keep up with the new emerging technology. Unfortunately, that means that components that are no longer top of the line get discontinued. In other words, the older the components in your machine the harder it is to find someone that can work on the machine.

Fortunately, there is a solution for old machine that are still running and have little to no problems. The solution is a retrofit. A retrofit consists of upgrading the components in your machine to the newest components. For example, we can replace your current control systems with the OSAI Open Control. We will make sure that your machine runs at least as good as it was running before if not better.

Depending on your needs we can do the one or more of the following:

  • CNC upgrades: We will replace your old CNC with the newest OSAI CNC
  • HMI upgrades: We will replace your old HMI with a new touchscreen HMI.
  • Drives and motors: We will replace your old drivers and motors with Emerson products.

Reasons for a CNC Retrofit

Old machines can sometimes still perform great. Unfortunately, all machines break eventually and when that happens you could run into problems like:

  • Discontinued parts: the components in your machine are not produces anymore by the manufacturer. As a result, the components must be replaced with a used one.
  • Discontinued software: The software that is used in your CNC is no longer supported by the manufacturer. In case there is a problem with the software, you won’t be able to replace it.
  • Expensive to maintain: The older the equipment, the harder it is to find someone that is able to do maintenance on the machine. This can cause the maintenance to be expensive.
  • Additional downtime: When the replacements for components are not readily available, the machine will not run until those replacements are found, bought, and shipped.
  • Unreliable Support: It is really hard to get technical support from outdate equipment. Consequently, it will be really hard to get someone right away that will help you solve the problem, if there is still anyone that can do technical support for your machine.