Osai CNC Retrofit

A CNC retrofit means to replace outdated, intermittently working, problematic, no longer relevant, old technology with up-to-date, faster processing, energy efficient, industry proven using relevent and cutting edge data transfer technologies.

An “old” machine can become relevant again.  Most machines are built with a good solid base which makes them good candidates for a retrofit in terms of cost.  Most components of a machine can be replaced relatively easily, such as bearing, ball screws, belts and pulleys, racks and pinions.  However, retrofits are complex and require highly skilled engineers and technicians.

The retrofit process requires an in depth knowledge of a particular machine which can be acquired through a proper machine assessment.  The assessment will determine the relevant options, such as, CNC type, HMI and or hand pendant options, I/O options, drives and motors selection, etc.  Once the options are selected, development begins.

Signs that you need a retrofit:

  • You have to find parts on Ebay
  • Parts are becoming increasingly expensive
  • No support
  • Intermittent problems get worse
  • Downtime is costing more that production
  • The machine manufacturer no longer exists

Benefits of a retrofit:

  • Gives new life to an old machine
  • Gives technological relevance, ie., USB, Ethernet technology, etc.
  • Increase production speeds
  • Increased safety
  • The ability to add-on current and future needs
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Ergonomically and user friendly
  • Outstanding sales and support after the retrofit