PLC Retrofits

When you have old controls most of the components of the controls have already been discontinued or are really hard to find. If the machine would ever need fixing it would be a nightmare and cause a lot of downtime. This is when retrofitting is the solution.  Retrofitting consists of upgrading the old components with new components. Potentially improving the performance of the machine.

We are authorized integrators for Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley so we can upgrade all of your old PLC for the latest Allen-Bradley. This will assure that you have support for your components in case troubleshooting or repair is needed. Also upgrading the PLC can help your computer work more efficiently. Consequently, a more efficient machine increases the longevity of the rest of the components. If you prefer any other PLC brand, we may still help you upgrade your system. You just have to let us know which brand you want to use and we will let you know if we can work with the brand or not.

Some systems don’t only need an upgrade but also some additional features. New technology has made components safer and more energy efficient with the purpose of increasing the productivity of the machine. As a result, new features can be added to the machine when performing an upgrade that could potentially improve the efficiency, speed or longevity of the machine.

Signs that you need a retrofit:

  • You have to find parts on Ebay
  • Parts are becoming increasingly expensive
  • No support
  • Intermittent problems get worse
  • Downtime is costing more that production
  • The machine manufacturer no longer exists

Benefits of a retrofit:

  • Gives new life to an old machine
  • Gives technological relevance, ie., USB, Ethernet technology, etc.
  • Increase production speeds
  • Increased safety
  • The ability to add-on current and future needs
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Ergonomically and user friendly
  • Outstanding sales and support after the retrofit