Preventive Maintenance

Can’t find time to properly maintain your machinery?  Let our service techs do the work!  Our preventive maintenance service is fast, yet thorough, and most of all, affordable.  Call our sales department for more information at 260-755-0000 or email us at

Why is preventive maintenance important?


      • Increases up-time:  Planned down-time for preventive maintenance cost less than unplanned down-time due to catastrophic failures.


      • Saves money:  Money is saved because of less down-time, longer machine life, consistent quality, and safe operation.


      • Increases life:  Keeping machinery maintained will increase their longevity as well as pay for itself over and over.


      • Max productivity:  Maximize productivity by keeping machinery at their peak performance.


      • Ensures quality:  Ensure quality parts every time by periodic check-ups.


      • Maintains safety:  Maintain safe machinery by addressing potential problems before becoming a safety hazard.