Equipment Safeguarding

Keeping Employees Safe

Working at an industrial plant can be dangerous for employees. Safety is paramount around any type of machinery. The solution to keeping employees safe and free from workplace injuries is proper and adequate safeguarding. There are two types of safeguarding:

  • Physical safeguarding – Does not allow physical contact with the hazardous area.
  • Electronic safeguarding – Ties into the electrical system to create a safe condition when breached.

Benefits of Safeguarding

  • No unexpected downtime: An operator getting injured can cause unexpected downtime.
  • Less paid-time off: If the work injury rate is low, there is less need for paid-time off due to health reasons.
  • Cost savings: If work related injuries are lower, insurance costs are lowered.
  • Happy employees: You will have happier employees if they feel safe while performing their daily tasks.
  • Potential employees: A reputation of a Safe plant can be attractive to potential new hires.

Most machines that were built built years ago and many built today do not meet the necessary safety requirements in many industrial facilities. Therefore, additional safeguarding is needed to ensure the safety of the machine operator and others in the immediate area nearby. A proper risk assessment must be performed to identify all hazards with their varying degrees of risks.  OSHA requires that all hazards eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels of risk. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the company to address these hazards.

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